Hello everyone my name is Francesca Greco aka messyeffe. You are probably wondering why I have named my blog “The Hot Mess Blog”. Well I’m into a lot of things. I love fashion and photography but one of my biggest passions is baking. I couldn’t choose between one of this categories nor I wanted to limit my blog posts to only one of these things. That’s why I’ve decided that I was going to talk about all the things that I love. Isn’t it a big hot mess? Well I guess that answers your question 🙂 take a look at my blog and if you like it subscribe! Xoxo


4 thoughts on “Info

  1. Hi,Francesca!
    Thank’s for visiting my blog! This is right decision when You don’t restrict Yourself. Don’t need to restrict, need to express Your emotions about what You love and that’s the main reason Your blog is worth visiting!
    By the way – You look truly amazing, beautiful lady! Thumbs up!


  2. Complimenti per il blog! Sei davvero brava!! Ti ho messo il ‘follow’ anche su twitter! Se ti va di passare dal mio blog potrebbero interessarti alcune cose: siamo un gruppo di ragazzi divisi tra ‘scrittori’ e ‘disegnatrici/fumettiste’. Se ti va di passare ti lascio il link, non te ne pentirai. Ciao Francesca, a presto!


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